Reward policy

The Corendon Sustainability and Innovation Foundation

Reward Policy

The board of our organization has decided to establish a reward policy to provide clarity on the compensation awarded to our board members and employees.

Board Members
The board of our organization consists of volunteers who serve in their positions on a voluntary basis. They are not entitled to remuneration for their board activities. However, any expenses incurred in the course of their duties for our organization, such as travel expenses or representation costs, may be reimbursed. These reimbursements are always transparently accounted for in the annual financial statements and annual report of our organization.

Our employees are rewarded based on their position, experience, and performance. The salary of our employees is determined based on the applicable collective labor agreement (CLA) and/or the market-based remuneration for their respective positions. Additionally, we offer our employees a secondary benefits package, including pension schemes, insurance coverage, and training opportunities.

Performance-based Compensation
In addition to the base remuneration, our employees may be eligible for performance-based compensation, which is based on individual performance and/or team results. The criteria for performance-based compensation are established in advance and are transparent to all employees.

Evaluation and Adjustment
Our remuneration policy is evaluated at least once a year and adjusted if necessary. This evaluation is conducted by the board and/or the management of our organization.

We place great importance on a fair and transparent remuneration policy for our board members and employees. By adhering to this policy, we ensure that our organization is responsibly and sustainably managed, and that our resources are allocated as effectively as possible to achieve our objectives and serve the public interest.