A more sustainable vacation

The Corendon Foundation is an independent foundation dedicated to improving the sustainable development of holiday destinations by supporting local projects.

Our four themes

  • Art, culture, and heritage
  • Nature and environment
  • Local entrepreneurship and education
  • Innovation in the tourism industry

"We aim to give back something valuable to the community..."

The Corendon Foundation promotes sustainability at holiday destinations by supporting local projects.


The Mission of Corendon Foundation

The Corendon Foundation, established in 2011 by Atilay Uslu, aims to make a positive impact on people, environment, and society through our organization. We support local projects in the Netherlands and on holiday destinations, collaborating with hotel partners, NGOs, and local governments. Our support includes financial contributions and the dedication of time and expertise from our employees. By investing in sustainable initiatives, we contribute to creating livable destinations for both local residents and our customers.


Projects: Corendon Foundation's Focus

From the Corendon Foundation, we support projects that are linked to the core activities of our organization and contribute to the sustainable development of our destinations.


How it works:

There are four project submission rounds per year. At the end of each quarter, the board meets to assess the projects: end of March, end of June, end of September, and end of December. All projects submitted during this period that meet the specified criteria will be evaluated.

We focus on four themes:

Art, culture, and heritage

Promoting cultural activities and preserving cultural attractions, promoting local products and services, and encouraging local art and culture.

Nature & environment

Preserving natural attractions and protecting flora and fauna.

Local entrepreneurship & education

Promoting self-sufficiency, creating employment opportunities in the tourism sector, and educational projects for young people aimed at a better future.

Innovation in the travel industry

Innovation is necessary to accelerate the sustainable transition in the travel industry. That’s why we support innovative projects focused on sustainable tourism and new technologies.

Board members

Alex Weber

Director / Treasurer

Titus Kramer


Simone van den Berk

Board member

Mariska Nunes

Vice Chairperson

Most recent projects

Container Homes / Benefit Evening

Container Homes / Benefit Evening

Since the earthquake on February 6th, thousands of people in Elbistan have lost everything in an instant. Months after the devastating earthquake, many families in Elbistan are still living outside without shelter. To provide them with … – more

Flourishing generations

Flourishing generations

The Flourishing Generations – Youth Solidarity Trees Project is part of an initiative by the Dutch Embassy in Turkey for planting 10,000 trees in Marmaris. Forest areas in Marmaris were affected by fires last year and are now … – more

Corendon and UWC

Corendon and UWC

UWC is an international education movement that has been using education as a means to create a more peaceful and sustainable world since 1962. To achieve this, young people from all over the world are selected to participate in a … – more

Cleaning Mangroves in Curaçao

Cleaning Mangroves in Curaçao

Mangroves are vital ecosystems that provide numerous benefits, including shoreline protection, biodiversity support, carbon sequestration, and water purification. However, these ecosystems can be threatened by pollution and debris … – more

Breakfast for King’s Games in Curaçao

Breakfast for King’s Games in Curaçao

The King’s Games is an annual sports event held in Curaçao to celebrate King’s Day and promote physical activity among children. As part of the event, a special breakfast is organized for the participants to kickstart the … – more

Corporate Social Responsibility

In addition to our independent foundation, we have a company-wide CSR policy that enhances the sustainability of our business activities at our tour operator, own airline, and Corendon Hotels & Resorts both domestically and abroad. Would you like to learn more about CSR at Corendon Hotels & Resorts?