Container Homes / Benefit Evening

Since the earthquake on February 6th, thousands of people in Elbistan have lost everything in an instant. Months after the devastating earthquake, many families in Elbistan are still living outside without shelter. To provide them with accommodation, we are launching a donation campaign. In consultation with the local government of Elbistan, we have devised an emergency plan to quickly provide these homeless families with a safe place to stay. Our help is urgently needed because these families, despite surviving the disaster, are living in inhumane conditions. Unsanitary living conditions have led to the outbreak of life-threatening diseases. The need is extremely high, with the hardest-hit families being the ones in greatest need!

GOAL To quickly establish residential units for the victims in Elbistan. In collaboration with the Corendon Sustainability & Innovation Foundation, we are working at full capacity to prepare the housing units for use, including sanitary facilities.


  • Deliver and install 50 containers within 8 weeks.
  • Focus on an area where aid is scarce.
  • Thanks to the swift action of local contractors, 38 containers can be produced monthly.
  • Establish contact with the mayor of Elbistan, who will support this project.
  • The container manufacturer has previously produced container homes for disaster areas in Turkey.
  • Opt for local production to avoid wasting time.

Benefit Evening During a benefit evening organized by the Corendon Foundation on April 17, 2023, an impressive half million euros was raised for building container homes for earthquake victims in Turkey. The benefit evening took place at the Mondi Zuid restaurant in Amsterdam, where 150 guests were welcomed by Corendon owner Atilay Uslu, the Turkish Ambassador, and Titus Kramer from the Corendon Foundation.