Empowerment Project: Revitalizing the Rif Neighborhood for Growth and Opportunity

The “Empowerment Project” is part of the strategic plan for the years 2018-2022 of the Fundashon Rif. The goal of this project is to give a boost to the Rif neighborhood and achieve important things in the coming years. It consists of three parallel tracks:

1st Track: Touristic Route in Rif Old City

  • Young people will be trained to become tourist guides in the Rif Old City.
  • The project will be named “Hidden Treasure in Rif Old City, Cradle of Art & Culture.”
  • The course will consist of 12 sessions, held twice a week for 2 hours.
  • Motivational speakers, tourist guides for tours, and a historian with knowledge of the monuments in Rif will be invited.
  • The exam will include both theoretical and practical parts.
  • Participants will receive a certificate upon completion.


2nd Track: Providing Job Opportunities to Neighborhood Residents

  • Due to high unemployment among neighborhood residents, Fundashon Rif will help them find employment.
  • A survey will be conducted among residents, and those seeking work will be selected.
  • Selected individuals can seek assistance from specialists in creating their CVs.
  • Hotels will provide training, and the Foundation’s role will be completed regarding this aspect.


3rd Track: Establishing Businesses for Rif Old City Resident

  • Training sessions will be conducted to foster a cooperative spirit among residents.
  • Logistics will be established, and residents will learn how to sell their products.
  • Various training sessions will be provided in different areas.
  • Examples of businesses include hair braiding with beads, making small dishes (tapas), selling water or flavored water, showcasing artwork and crafts during tourist tours, providing various services like hairdressing or gardening, and more.
  • Funds will be allocated for cooperative training, product selling training, conducting business in different ways, office materials, and neighborhood murals related to environmental themes, literature, and Curaçaoan music.
  • The neighborhood of Rif Old City offers several attractions to visitors, such as the friendliness of its residents, historical monuments dating back to the 18th century, Art Deco landmarks, the history of people from Rif, Curaçaoan heroes, the geographic location, mangrove exploration, music, murals, and the unique atmosphere of its alleys and colorful houses. The neighborhood has more than 300 buildings, 23 alleys and streets, and is considered the cradle of art, culture, and sports.