Flourishing generations

The Flourishing Generations – Youth Solidarity Trees Project is part of an initiative by the Dutch Embassy in Turkey for planting 10,000 trees in Marmaris. Forest areas in Marmaris were affected by fires last year and are now being restored through new planting.

What has been achieved with our support?
The young people involved are now diligently maintaining the Netherlands-Turkey Friendship Forest and are drafting a “letter of recommendations” on nature conservation and related topics. These recommendations will be presented to all representatives of organizations that have supported this project. This is an important aspect of the project aimed at giving young people a sense of being seen and heard. Due to the success of the project, the NP2E Foundation is now making preparations for its continuation. Vibrations from trees, measured by sensors, will be composed by Dutch musician Bert Barten. Subsequently, these compositions will be expressed (subject to confirmation) through typical Turkish instruments and a local soprano during the Marmaris Summer Festival. Mother Nature will truly have a voice and become a stakeholder in this project, rather than a passive observer.